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4.3. Adding the Konica Minolta Printers KM-401 or KM-ENR2 to a Mac (ver 2)

Math IT SupportPrintingAdding the Konica Minolta Printers KM-401 or KM-ENR2 to a Mac (ver 2)

Part One:  Installing the Driver

Go to this site:

Driver to search for: Bizhub 360i  (This is part of the 650i series)


Then click on the drivers button.  Choose the appropriate driver for your Mac OS:


After you click on this, it will download the zip file.   Go to downloads and double click it.  It will unzip the folder.  Inside the folder will be a .pkg.  Double-click it.


The installer launches:


Click through all the steps for the installer until it finishes.  


Part Two:  Installing the Printer

NOTE: These instructions work if the login name for your Mac matches your Math username.  If this is not the case for you, open up Terminal and type whoami . Contact with the login name that was displayed so that we can adjust the configuration on our server.


First, make sure you are on the Math network, either via an ethernet wired connection or with the Math VPN (click here)  on wireless.

These instructions are for Mac OS Monterey or lower.  See below for notes on Ventura.

1. Go to the Apple Menu, System Preferences.


2.  Choose Printers & Scanners


3.  At the left side of the Printers and Scanners window, you will see a plus sign.  Click on it.


4.  Choose IP and Internet Printing Protocol as shown below.


5.  Enter the following for the printer you want to use.


Printer     Address Queue Name
ENR2 Third Floor Printer

printers/KM-ENR2 KM-ENR2
Math 401 Printer

printers/KM-401 KM-401    


For Use:  Pick Select Software



10.  After you choose Select Software, you will get a list of printers.  Select Konica Minolta 360i PS


11. Click OK, then Click Add.


12.  For Finisher, Select FS-533

Congratulations, you have added the printer!


Notes for MacOS Ventura

You will click on Apple Menu, then System Settings, after that you will need to scroll down to Printers & Scanners or use the search.

Then click Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax

From this point on the screens should look the same as in the instructions above.