The University of Arizona

9.1. Available Networks

Math IT SupportNetworksAvailable Networks


Math Network -

This refers to the wired Ethernet network in the Math Tower, Math Teaching Lab, and ENR2.   This network is managed by the Math IT Staff.  If you are plugged into this network, you will have easy access to certain Math resources, such as the Konica Minolta Printer/Copiers.


Wireless Network-

The University maintains the UAWiFi and UAGuest networks.  If you are on one of these, you are not on the Math Network.  If you want to access services available only on the Math network, but don't want to plug in, you can use the Math VPN.


Visitors to the Department-

Visitors can plug into the Math network and still access services (such as the internet) that are not on the Trusted Net.  For wireless, they can log on to UAGuest or use Eduroam (if they belong to a member institution).