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1.1. Where are there computers that I can use?

Math IT SupportFAQWhere are there computers that I can use?

Graduate Student Labs

Graduate Computing Labs are located in Math 401N and Math 227

Please contact your graduate coordinator if you need the combination for the door.

There are six Ubuntu computers in each room.

Any grad student in our department with a network account can log into these systems. These machines are not suited for CPU-intensive jobs, if you need to do heavy computations, please use the Chivos 

Occasionally, grad students may run jobs on lab machines. Before you ever attempt to run jobs on another machine or in the background of a lab machine, learn how to do this properly 

Windows Computers

There is one Windows computer in M227.


There is a flatbed scanner attached to the Windows computer in M227.


The computers are connected to the Konica Minolta Printer/Copier in Math 401.  

Faculty/Visitor Lab

The Computing Lab for Faculty and Visitors has been merged with the Graduate Student Lab in Math 401N.

This is also the location of the Konica Minolta Printer/Copier  

Math Center Room 220

This is for undergraduate students.

Math 101

Computer classroom with 7 Windows computers plus a teacher computer and projector

Math 102

Classroom with a teacher computer and projector

Math Tutoring Room MTL 121

There are 3 Windows computers available for the students and teachers.