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2.4. Travel reimbursement

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Travel Expense Reimbursement


Faculty, staff, students and invited visitors or guests may be reimbursed for university-related business travel by the Mathematics Business Office. The reimbursement process begins with completion of the Travel Authorization Form prior to the commencement of the travel. The Travel Authorization form lets the department and university know about the travel details, length of travel and substantiate the availability of funding. The Business Office sends the completed travel authorization form to the Travel Office and this document is later referenced on the travel expense report completed for the individual to be reimbursed. Completion of this form is a mandatory step in the reimbursement process.  Failure to submit the Travel Authorization form and International Travel Registry for international travel prior to travel may result in expenses being unable to be reimbursed.  


Upon completion of travel, UA policy requires pertinent documentation and receipts to be submitted within ten days of the end of travel. They should be submitted to room 117 of the Mathematics Business Office for processing. The payee will then receive an email within 3 days requesting for them to return to the Business Office to sign their travel expense report. Reimbursement cannot be processed until the travel expense report is signed.


Common components of any travel expense report include airfare, lodging, meals per diem (or restaurant receipts), conference registration, and other transportation items such as train or taxi cab fares, parking and tolls paid. Below are items of information pertinent to each of these components. 



Meals per diem

Other Methods of Transportation

Please contact the Business Office with any travel-related questions in person or submit to