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2.6. Non-Travel Expense Reimbursements

Business and Financial ServicesTravel/ReimbursementsNon-Travel Expense Reimbursements

NOTE: Please see the Travel Expense Reimbursements page for travel-related reimbursements (this section pertains to all other reimbursements).

The Business office reimburses faculty and staff for expenses incurred that have a valid university business purpose, have available funding and in the case of grant funding, are pertinent to the scope of work written in the grant.

Please submit receipts for reimbursement to the Business Office in room 117 of the Mathematics Building. In the event that the Business Office is unavailable please deliver them to room 108.   

Receipts submitted for reimbursement must be itemized and must indicate the method of payment made. If paid by a credit card please submit the credit card slip along with the itemized receipt. If payment is not shown on the receipt please provide a bank or credit card statement that verifies payment.

If you will be using grant funding for reimbursement of the purchase please email a statement to the Business Office at that provides the relevancy of the purchase, how it will benefit your grant and how it relates to your grants scope of work.

You will be contacted for your signature when the reimbursement report is completed. Please stop into the business office, again to room 117, to sign; we will promptly process the electronic version (disbursement voucher) and send to accounts payable. Please allow sufficient time for routing and for the appropriate university parties to approve the reimbursement request.

The following are miscellaneous alerts and reminders that always help!

  • Restaurant receipts must be itemized and be accompanied by a list of attendees and the business purpose or agenda for the meal.
  • Alcohol is a disallowed expense and if included on your receipt, will be deducted along with prorated tax and gratuity in determining a net reimbursement amount.