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1.1. Winter closure dates (2022-2023 academic year)

Math/SDS Majors and MinorsWinter Break AdvisingWinter closure dates (2022-2023 academic year)

From December 23, 2022 through January 2nd, 2023, many offices at the University of Arizona are limited in their activities due to winter break. However, we realize that academic advising issues can arise during this period. The Math Center will be closed starting in the afternoon of Wednesday, December 21. 

For students in majors within the College of Science, please see general information on our College Website.

Math and SDS majors may still send messages to or for major-related issues during the break, but please keep in mind that we probably will not be able to respond until after offices have opened again; our staff will return to the Math Center on Tuesday, January 3. 

For general (non-major specific) questions, you may email . Include your name, ID number, and major when emailing.


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