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4.5. Sign up for Tutoring

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University Tutoring - Tutoring for most lower-level courses (Math 129 and below) is offered through the Think Tank, a University-supported tutoring center

MATH 129 and above - Upper division tutoring for Math 129 and above is offered through the department. 


If you are teaching MATH 129 or a higher undergraduate class this term you must sign up for a tutoring hour. (Instructors of Math 254 and 263 tutor in their own office hours and are not expected to sign up here.  GTAs will get a separate email if they are required to tutor.)

How to sign up for tutoring hours:

  1. Go to 
  2. Drag the appropriate tutoring "box" onto your schedule to sign up for a tutoring block.
  3. Be sure to click SAVE after you choose your time slots.

Current tutoring room schedules are available at: